Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program

Departmental + Extramural Conferences

We boast an active and robust conference schedule within the Department of Pediatrics.

Clinical + Research Conferences at Women & Infants Hospital

We look forward to resuming in-person conferences. In the meantime, our conferences are held virtually, via Zoom. Virtual conferences have afforded us the ability to have renowned national and international speakers at both of Perinatal Management Conference and Pediatric Research Colloquium! Learn more about each conference below.

Core curriculum topics presented by departmental faculty and ancillary staff (nutritionists/occupational therapists, etc); fellows take turns reviewing Board content (Q+A ); professional development topics reviewed; National Curriculum topics are discussed.

Timing: Weekly on Thursdays

Organized by the Department of Pediatrics at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Presented by regional, national, and international guest speakers and departmental faculty.

Timing: Weekly on Fridays, with a summer hiatus

Bench and clinical research topics presented by local, regional, and national speakers. NICU fellows present at PRC once during fellowship (2nd year) and is held in conjunction with their SOC requirement

Timing: Weekly on Fridays, with a summer hiatus

Presented by regional, national, and international guest speakers; departmental faculty; NICU fellows and other pediatric subspecialty fellows; perinatal pathologists/perinatal pathology fellow (clinical pathology conference)

Timing: Weekly on Wednesdays

Presented by perinatal pathologists at Women & Infants Hospital.

Timing: Monthly on Tuesdays

  • A rotating schedule inclusive of Journal Club, M+M, case-based presentations): Presented by NICU fellows
  • Perinatal ID is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month: Presented by Pediatric ID fellow and NICU fellow
  • BPD cases are reviewed twice per year: Presented by NICU fellow, in collaboration with BIT:S (Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Inter-disciplinary Team: Severe) physician team member
  • Nutrition Conference is held when there is a 5 Thursday in the month. Presented by: Neonatal Nutritionists

Timing: Weekly on Thursdays

Presented by social workers to discuss current psychosocial topics.

Timing: Sporadic

MADAM stands for Multidisciplinary Antenatal Diagnosis and Management. The conference is led by the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Hasbro Children's Hospital and the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. 

Timing: 1st and 3rd Friday each month

Academic Society Conferences

Fellows' scholarship is a key ingredient to a strong program.

Our program prides itself on strong fellow academic scholarship with regard to presenting at national, international, and regional conferences, including:

National  Local/Regional 
PAS* BYCONN (Brown/Yale/Connecticut Children's Hospital)
ESPR* Pediatric Research Day at Hasbro Children's Hospital

Fellows are able to attend national, in-person conferences* if their abstract(s) is accepted for presentation. If these conferences are held virtually, any available and interested fellow may attend.

Reimbursement includes:

  • transportation
  • housing accommodations
  • registration fee
  • abstract submission fee

American Academy of Pediatrics Yearly Conferences

An opportunity to connect with fellows and faculty across the country.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and formula companies sponsor several yearly conferences. Conference announcements are emailed to the program director, who then fields interest from available fellows. An abstract submission is, at times, required. Our fellows have enjoyed the educational and social engagement these conferences have to offer, and the locations are quite attractive! The list of conference options include:

  • Seminar on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Sponsored by AAP/Abbot Nutrition Health Institute
  • Perinatal & Developmental Medicine Symposium
  • Northeastern Conference on Perinatal Research
    • sponsored by AAP Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine(SONPM)
    • abstract submission