Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program

Information for Incoming Fellows

Congratulations on matching with our fellowship! We look forward to working with you!

Gearing Up!

As you get ready to join our fellowship, we hope the following information will be helpful. The onboarding process begins soon after the match, with  program leadership guiding you along the way!

Where to Live

We recommend investigating housing options in the following areas of the state. In some instances, we have listed some apartment facilities where past and present fellows have lived (i.e. The 903/Kettle Point/Ashton River Lofts).

  • Barrington
  • Cranston (Edgewood/Pawtuxet Village/Garden City)
  • Cumberland (River Lofts complex)
  • East Providence (Kettle Point complex)
  • Providence (The 903 complex; River House complex), East Side)
  • Warwick (Pawtuxet Village/Gaspee)

Generally speaking, residing no more than 20-25 minutes away from Women & Infants Hospital is advised, especially for transport calls and post-call drives home.

Brown University offers additional guidance on housing options on the East Side of Providence.

Off-Campus Housing Service

Benefits for Fellows

Learn about the fantastic benefits coming your way.

Child Care + Support for Physician-Moms

A helpful resource for some of the top child care options in the area.

Some of our fellows have enrolled their children for day care at Bright Horizons (conveniently located on the hospital's campus). They have also utilized nanny services.

Brown University has compiled a comprehensive list of day care options:

Choosing Daycare

If you need further referrals, please connect with program leadership regarding current fellows who may have their children in child care programs. 

Support for Physician-Moms

Additional support, mentoring and advice on being a mother as a physician is available via the Brown group MomDocFamily. Fellows can sign up when they have matched to Brown and if they are either mothers or pregnant. More info under:

New Fellow Orientation

New fellow orientation, in an integrated fashion, provides a solid foundation for new fellows to hit the ground running.

Some facets of the nearly 3-month orientation period include: 

3 shadow calls with a senior fellow before solo night call (if fellow is ready).

Multiple half or full days spent with the Delivery Room team to gain proficiency and confidence in resuscitations/intubations, etc.

Fellows' Choice: One-on-one time with RT, OT, NP, ANM Nutrition, et al.

2-week course in clinical research design, conducted by the Division of Research at Women & Infants Hospital 

  • Boot Camp
  • Ventilation
  • PICC
  • Observing Rounds
  • Transport System
  • Difficult Conversations Simulation

1-week engagement with subspecialty fellows and attendings at Hasbro Children's Hospital

A sampling of topics:

  • Research development
  • Manuscript writing
  • Time management
  • Career paths
  • Teaching techniques